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All funds will go towards helping 3rd Decade achieve our 2024 objective of enrolling at least 750 new young adults in our financial education program, providing them, and those already in our program, with life-changing education and mentoring. Help us change financial futures forever this Giving Tuesday.

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We Change Financial Futures Forever.

You Can Too.

Only 57% of young adults are financially literate. The current lack of education about money costs people almost $10,000 annually. Inadequate financial literacy can affect more than just a person’s savings—a lack of financial knowledge can lead to fewer employment opportunities, generational debt, and bankruptcy.

Supporting 3rd Decade’s Financial Education & Mentoring Program on Giving Tuesday will make all the difference in someone’s financial future, impacting their lives and the lives of those around them forever.

How We Impact Financial Futures

Classroom of Young Adults

Financial Education

10 classroom hours educating on necessary financial topics and impactful knowledge.

Mentoring Meeting via video

Financial Mentoring

A 2-year relationship with a Financial Mentor, personalized financial plans, and more.

Group of Young adults

Roth IRA Jumpstart

A $250 matching contribution to a Roth IRA account to jumpstart retirement savings.

First-Hand Impact

“I am a 24 year old first generation student whose family has very little financial literacy. Once I graduated and starting being responsible for my own finances, I was overwhelmed and confused… I feel like I have accessed a “cheat code” with 3rd Decade, as majority of people my age don’t have this information or financial understanding. Having this information has helped me feel equipped financially and lessened stress. I gained a lot of knowledge and really valuable tools in such a short span of time… Thank you 3rd Decade!”

– Jocelyn, 2023 Current Participant

“This is NOT like other financial courses. This feels so much more attainable and realistic, unlike other programs. And, honestly, less shaming to my generation… I learned so much from the key concepts in this class that my entire thought process around money is completely changing. I’ve just always felt so trapped. I’m a first generation college graduate, my parents don’t have great money skills themselves, and anything I’ve learned has been self taught. As a result I have a really poor relationship with money. I can already feel that changing and it feels freeing and relieving.”

– Kelby, 2023 Current Participant

“This course has the potential to be life changing – not for just the individual but as a change in generational knowledge. I didn’t get any information from my parents regarding money (other than to always be anxious). It was great to have a place where I could be vulnerable in my lack of knowledge and also gain confidence as the class progressed. I feel like I have the tools to make a difference in my financial future and I am even helping my mom now understand her estate planning and end-of-life finances.”

– Franny, 2023 Current Participant

3rd Decade Today

Financial Mentors

68% of Participants are Female

of Participants are Female

Average Change in Net Worth

Average Change in
Net Worth

Over 2,000 Lives Impacted since 2016

Lives Impacted since 2016

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3rd Decade utilizes volunteers as Financial Mentors to provide participants with life-changing financial support and guidance.

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