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3rd Decade’s financial literacy and personal finance program combines education, mentoring, and support to build financial confidence and equip young adults with the knowledge to take their financial futures in hand. If you want to learn more about how 3rd Decade is fighting for financial literacy in young adults, click here.

Eligibility for 3rd Decade’s Financial Education and Personal Finance Program:

  • 18-35 years old at the time of application
  • Individual households whose gross income is less than $75,000 or two-earner households whose gross income is less than $120,000 combined.
  • Willingness and ability to save, manage debt, and start a financial plan

What The Program Requires:

  • Completing 4 classes (2.5 hours each, to occur every other week).
  • Timely completion of corresponding quizzes & the final exam.
  • During your time in classes, you will have a larger assignment to prepare for your first meeting with a financial mentor (the Discovery Meeting). This will include filling out a detailed “Financial Profile” spreadsheet that captures your current income and expenses, and also gives you a chance to share your financial outlook and circumstances with your mentor. Additionally, you will create an account with a platform called Elements, which we use during your financial meetings to address financial health metrics and inform goal-setting.
  • Attendance to all 3 meetings with your Financial Mentor. (Meeting 1: 2 hours, Meeting 2: 1 hour, and Meeting 3: 1 hour – to occur approximately one year apart each).

If you meet the outlined requirements above, fill out the application below and take the first step towards achieving financial confidence and success in your 3rd Decade of life.

Thank you for your interest in the 3rd Decade® Program.

As a reminder, here are the program qualifications:
Between the Age: 18-35
Income: Individual - less than $75k Gross or Household - less than $120k Gross

Disclaimer: Please complete the following application to the best of your ability. Submitting an application does not guarantee an acceptance to the 3rd Decade Program. We reserve the right to deny any application that is incomplete or does not include the requested information. 

Onboarding occurs on a quarterly basis (December for Q1, March for Q2, June for Q3, and September for Q4). Be sure to complete the application all the way to the end or it will not register in our system. If you do not hear from us within 3 months of submitting your application, email [email protected].

General Qualification Questions

Gross income is the amount of money you earn, typically on a paycheck, before payroll taxes and other deductions. Ex: $40,000.00 

Personal  Information:

We require personal email addresses to ensure we are able to contact you throughout the entirety of our program as you may not remain at the same job, school, etc and those email addresses would become inactive.

Your phone number may be used ONLY by 3rd Decade staff to communicate program deadlines and time-sensitive messages, if necessary. We will never sell your information nor communicate any non-program related information.

Demographic Questions

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Your spouse/partner will be emailed the application.

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Additional Demographics

These following questions help us understand more about you, your financial situation, and past experiences. We strive to serve individuals who may not otherwise have access to financial education/mentoring. Your answers do not affect your eligibility for our program.

Employment History