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3rd Decade’s financial literacy and personal finance program combines education, mentoring, and support to build financial confidence and equip young adults with the knowledge to take their financial futures in hand. If you want to learn more about how 3rd Decade is fighting financial illiteracy in young adults, click here.

Eligibility for 3rd Decade’s Financial Education and Personal Finance Program:

  • 18-35 years old at time of application
  • Individual households whose adjusted gross income is less than $75,000 or two-earner households whose adjusted gross income is less than $120,000 combined (Found on IRS form 1040, line 7)
  • Workers, Students, and Homemakers with income and the ability to save
  • Willingness and ability to manage debt, save, and start a financial plan
  • Commitment to attending four Financial Education classes (via Zoom and Nearpod) and three financial mentor meetings (via Zoom) over the course of the program


If you meet the outlined requirements above, fill out the application below to apply to 3rd Decade’s financial literacy and personal finance program. Take the first step in achieving financial control of your 3rd Decade of life.

Thank you for your interest in the 3rd Decade® Program.

As a reminder, here are the qualifications:
Between the Age: 18-35
Income: Individual - less than $75k AGI or Household - less than $120k AGI

Disclaimer: Please compete the following application to the best of your ability. Submitting an application does not guarantee an acceptance to the 3rd Decade Program. We reserve the right to deny any application that is incomplete or does not include the requested information. 

Gross income is the amount of money you earn, typically on a paycheck, before payroll taxes and other deductions. Ex: $40,000.00 

If you filed a 1040, the AGI is on line 8b.

Personal  Information:


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