Kent Burke

Kent Burke

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  • Retirement Plans
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  • Purchasing a Home

I am a retired financial professional who served many years as both a retail and institutional bond trader. Fixed income is my passion! I now spend time as a floral designer and mentor, and I enjoy gardening, traveling (especially skiing!), and hiking. I recently had my first grandchild and am over the moon about him!

A book or film that changed my life is...

``The Forgotten Girls,`` is a story about growing up in rural America and how the choices we make and the circumstances we are in can shape our lives forever. It's a realistic and sad story, but it gives hope to those who persevere and surround themselves with friendship, love and support.

A social cause I care about is...

I have two! 1)Environmental issues as we are ruining the planet, and I hope to have a greener safer planet for our children and grandchildren. 2) Healthcare for all by making a healthier community through disease prevention. I am NOT against treatment and meds, but educating ourselves about nutrition and disease prevention will go a long way. I struggled throughout my life with weight issues, and I am trying to adopt this perspective myself!

The title of my Autobiography would be...

``Never Give Up!``