Gamaliel Jimenez

Gamaliel Jimenez

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Volunteer Financial Mentor

Passionate About…

  • Budgeting
  • Investing
  • Retirement Plans

Gamaliel (or Gama) works in the financial planning team at Perigon Wealth Management. He earned a B.S. in Personal and Family Financial Planning at the University of Arizona and is a proud Tucson native. He’s excited to help you plan for your future and achieve your financial goals. In his free time, you’ll most likely find him working out, running, playing soccer or learning photography while exploring new places. 

A book or film that changed my life is...

``Shoe Dog.`` A memoir about the founding of Nike. I enjoyed every second of this book and it pushed me towards a career in business. Especially a career where I'd be able to intersect my interest in finance and helping individuals reach their goals.

My pet is...

A few cats that arrived at our door step a few years ago when they were kittens and have stayed ever since.They chose us. When they're not asleep, they love to chase us around the yard and play with their favorite cardboard boxes.

A unique thing about me is...

I have a twin brother! We're both very competitive; we're planning on racing each other in a half marathon this year.