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David Robinson


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Passionate About…

  • Debt Management
  • Investing
  • Military

Like many Americans, I struggled with money management. I lacked discipline and control around spending, resulting in high credit card debt and loans which crippled my finances and caused feelings of stress, hopelessness and shame. I made it a priority to learn how money worked and develop healthy money habits. As I got control of my financial life over the years I encountered many others who were also trying to do better with money and I helped teach and guide them. Teaching and motivating others lights up my day. I absolutely love giving others the skills and motivation to improve their financial lives and watching them grow and do incredible things!

A social cause I'm passionate about is...

Building houses for people in need. Organizations like Habitat For Humanity help families in need get stable and affordable housing. With this housing comes financial counseling to ensure the recipients gain the knowledge and skills necessary to have continued financial stability. I believe that every family deserves affordable and safe housing as a baseline for having a stable life.

A book that changed my life is...

Atomic Habits by James Clear. The book does a great job of explaining the science of establishing good habits and eliminating bad habits. It's got a ton of actionable advice that I find myself using daily.

A unique thing about me is...

I met my wife on a dating website for people seeking financial independence!