Chase Martin

Chase Martin

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Passionate About…

  • Budgeting
  • Investing
  • Under/Unbanked

I love finding unusual ways to be frugal! Whether it’s buying a 6 month supply of toilet paper when there’s a good price or using clever tax optimization strategies, every little bit adds up! I used to be a high school teacher, but we saved up enough that I don’t need a full time job anymore. I call it semi-retirement. It’s great 🙂 But there are days when I do miss teaching and helping people! When my friend told me about 3rd Decade and how I could share some of my financial kung fu with other people, it sounded too fun to pass up. We have no kids, but do have 2 cats. Cats are great.

My pet is...

2 cats. Bugaboo was a young stray cat we found outside a few years ago. He basically treats our house like a cruise ship and only cares about eating fancy food and sleeping in his heated bed. Mr. Pocket is a neighborhood cat who sleeps in our house but usually wanders around outside all day. When he's in the house I love sliding treats on our hard floors and watching him do burnouts running after it.

A social cause I care about is...

Minimum wage should be high enough for every American to live comfortably! That means health care, safe housing, nutritious food, leisure time, and the occasional vacation.

My reason for volunteering is...

I'm tired of selfish people and companies ripping off good and hard working people. This is my way of fighting back!