Carynna Mott

Carynna Mott

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Volunteer Financial Mentor

Passionate About…

  • Debt Management
  • Retirement Plans
  • Student Loans

My name is Carynna Mott and I am a proud resident of New Haven, CT. I joined the Mercer Advisors team as a Client Service Specialist because I cherish helping people and providing comprehensive support. My passion lies in empowering others to achieve financial well-being towards a more secure and confident future. One day, I hope to earn my CFP (Certified Financial Planner) designation to deepen my understanding of holistic planning and better serve clients. I am a UConn alum, where I pursued my B.A. with a double major in Economics and Psychology having a specialized focus on consumer psychology. Go Huskies! Beyond my professional endeavors, I find joy in skiing, Pilates, yoga, tending to my many plants and exploring the outdoors with my pups through hikes and camping trips.

A social cause I care about is...

I am deeply passionate about queer rights as I firmly believe that everyone deserves the freedom to love without fear, hate or judgment. Many of my friends and I identify on the spectrum of the rainbow, and I have unfortunately witnessed unsurmountable levels of discrimination. In high school, I started the Gay-Straight Alliance club to help combat hate and promote a more inclusive environment. I will always support and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community.

A quote I live by is...

``'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.`` -Alfred Lord Tennyson

My pet is...

2 rescued fur babies: Buddha who is a 2-year-old Basenji/Pit Mix & Asher who is a 1-year-old Jack Russell/Hound Mix.