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Bob Swift founder of TCI Wealth Advisors (“TCI”) and 3rd Decade. Bob is passionate about serving clients and educating others about the financial industry, especially those who typically do not have the opportunity for financial guidance.
Bob received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Kansas, which he attended on a football scholarship. Bob, Lisa and their two grown children, Sam and Jessica, are avid supporters of the University of Arizona and the Tucson community. Bob is very young at heart and enjoys everything that an aging athlete can: tennis, destination golf, hiking, as well as a lot of reading on the treadmill at the gym. He proudly wrote a song for his wife’s 60th birthday.


“My commitment is that each individual receive unbiased professional financial education and advice at no cost. At a minimum, I want you to avoid the big mistakes! Ultimately, I want you to build a secure financial future. I welcome your commitment.” – Bob Swift, Founder