Ardie Buechner, AFC®

Ardie Buechner


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Volunteer Financial Mentor

Passionate About…

  • Budgeting
  • Debt Management
  • The Military

Ardie is an AFC® with a desire to learn all things personal finance, and share and exchange knowledge and experience with others. Ardie lives in south-central Alaska with her husband, son and their dog enjoying all that Alaska has to offer. Ardie is also a beginner iKamper, personal fan of simplicity/minimalism, but also a fan of experiencing all the culinary flavors and creating lasting family memories.

A quote I live by is...

``It is not the outcome that you can control but the process.`` - Anon

My pet is...

A seven year old husky/pitt mix that enjoys our adventurous days along with our lazy days.

I've been a volunteer mentor since...

August 2022!