Alex Murphy

Alex Murphy

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Passionate About…

  • Budgeting
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  • Retirement Plans

I enjoy building long-lasting relationships while helping peers and clients. I was born and raised in Oakland, and excited to be starting my career close to home in the Bay Area. I joined Mercer Advisors in the early summer of 2023, after graduating from the University of Oregon with a concentration in finance and a minor in environmental sciences. I am committed to supporting his community in the East Bay, along with its environment. In my free time, I enjoy any activity under the sun. Favorites are climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and skiing.

A social cause I care about is...

Wildlife reserves. I believe these reserves play a vital role in preserving our natural environment and supporting biodiversity. It's essential to keep these areas open and accessible so that animals, endangered or not, have the space and resources to thrive and survive.

My pet is...

I grew up with cats my whole life but in my current household, we have one dog. Her name is Bean and she is a puggle (pug + beagle!)

A unique thing about me is...

I am a dual citizen - United States and Canada!