Head of Kennelytics

Nason Head of Kennelytics A LITTLE MORE ABOUT NASON:Nason is a beagle who can sniff out data trends like nobody’s business. With his paw-alytics background, Nason is crunching numbers, chasing tails, and fetching insights faster than you can say “good boy!”

Program Paw-ssociate

GOLDEN NUGGET Program PAW-ssociate A LITTLE MORE ABOUT GOLDEN NUGGET:Meet Golden Nugget our very talented Program Paw-ssociate. Whether it’s chasing virtual squirrels or mastering the art of binary barks, I am always ready to pawsitively contribute to the digital world with a wagging tail and a pawsative attitude.

Pawperations Manager

TALI Pawperations Manager A LITTLE MORE ABOUT TALI:Tali manages all aspects of planning and supervising team fun. She is also very serious about staying on task (the task being giving her enough pets).

Chief Fire Officer

RED Chief Fire Officer A LITTLE MORE ABOUT RED:Red is the most loving and expressive Dalmatian ever. He connects deeply with people, especially those who provide him with tons of belly rubs. He aspires to be like Dwight from the Office, Season 5, Episode 4.

Furnancial Mentor

BLU Furnancial Mentor A LITTLE MORE ABOUT BLU: Blu, whose name is inspired by Jurassic world’s velociraptor, is the sweetest Doberman. He loves to run and chase balls. He is the definition of companionship and protection.

Chief Fetch Officer 

MiloChief Fetch Officer  A LITTLE MORE ABOUT MILO:Milo runs a tight ship when he’s not running after a tennis ball! He works hard to guarantee company culture is bark-tastic and benefits include belly rubs, unlimited treats, and daily walks.

Barketing Manager

Daisy Barketing Manager A LITTLE MORE ABOUT DAISY:Daisy is serious when it comes to brand development, she expects a high level of standard in everything she does – from her workplace to her home, nothing less than perfection will do.

Head of Puplick Relations

Bo Head of Puplick Relations A LITTLE MORE ABOUT BO:Bo is a Schnauzer who knows how to craft the perfect social media posts, specifically centered around treats, long walks, and lots of cuddles.

Chief Canine Officer

Tucker Chief Canine Officer A LITTLE MORE ABOUT TUCKER:Tucker works tirelessly to ensure his hooman team remembers to take stretch breaks throughout the day.