Bark-xecutive Officer

Milo Bark-xecutive Director A LITTLE MORE ABOUT MILO:Milo runs a tight ship when he’s not running after a tennis ball! He works hard to guarantee company culture is bark-tastic and benefits include belly rubs, unlimited treats, and daily walks.

Barketing Manager

Daisy Barketing Manager A LITTLE MORE ABOUT DAISY:Daisy is serious when it comes to brand development, she expects a high level of standard in everything she does – from her workplace to her home, nothing less than perfection will do.

Head of Puplick Relations

Bo Head of Puplick Relations A LITTLE MORE ABOUT BO:Bo is a Schnauzer who knows how to craft the perfect social media posts, specifically centered around treats, long walks, and lots of cuddles.

Chief Canine Officer

Tucker Chief Canine Officer A LITTLE MORE ABOUT TUCKER:Tucker works tirelessly to ensure his hooman team remembers to take stretch breaks throughout the day.