Thao Truong

 Financial Mentor


Thao is an Associate Wealth Advisor at Morton Capital. To Thao wealth means more than money. It is about having the privilege to live our life purpose with a joyful heart and enthusiasm—not stressing out about money, security, health, or relationships. It is about having the wisdom to understand what we can and cannot control. Having the resources and strength to focus our intentions into the right place to further grow ourselves and positively impact others. Wealth is not a destination but a lifelong journey.

As a first-generation immigrant who is on her own path to financial freedom, she understands the struggles that people face with money, especially women. Her family was bankrupt shortly after she left her home country.

“I wanted to learn about the stock markets only with the hope of getting rich and being my family’s savior. But as my understanding of wealth changed, I learned how to manage my finances in a much healthier way. As a result, I am passionate about empowering others to gain more control of their financial life. I hope to inspire people to have a healthy relationship with money, make informed decisions through different transitions in their life, and get closer to their life goals and purposes. MC allows me to fulfill my dream while keeping the clients’ best interests at heart.”